Trachanas Soup, Feta & Porcini mushrooms



Try our delicious Trachanas Soup with Feta & Porcini mushrooms, made from high-quality ingredients.This traditional Greek soup has a creamy texture and is perfect for a quick, easy, and satisfying meal.

We use authentic trachanas, a popular Greek ingredient made from wheat and milk. We also use premium quality freeze dried Feta cheese and Porcini mushrooms to enhance the flavor of the soup.

Simply add boiling water to the soup mix and enjoy a hearty bowl of deliciousness.Our soup is perfect for those looking for a healthy and comforting meal option.

Order now and taste the traditional flavors of Greece with every spoonful.

  • No Perservatives
  • No Flavouring or Colouring
  • No salt
  • No Sugar
Weight 250 g
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