Olives – Bio (Grated)

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The healthiest fruit of the Greek land. The organic fresh olive tree. Collected at the right time to contain a high amount of polyphenols, high quality oil, be green with all its aromas and juices and without any treatment or preservatives. As it is picked unripe from the trees are washed with cold water, cooled and dehydrated under cooling in vacuum. It is not heated, it does not come in contact with oxygen in the air. The low temperature inactivates the enzymes and does not allow them to act and alter the nutrients of the fresh olive. The vacuum ensures the preservation of the antioxidants of the olive, especially the polyphenols, which remain intact giving all their antioxidant action in the body. They protect the cell membranes and especially the endothelium of the cells from oxidation and “aging” blood vessels and those of the heart resulting in a reduction in the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Their maintenance in glass containers in modified atmosphere, ie filled with inert gases (such as nitrogen) that replace oxygen, protect the quality of blueberries and in glass containers during storage. Thus the product retains its beneficial properties for a long time. Its taste is very bitter but it gives a special character when It is added to soups, pasta, meats, grilled but also as a drink. Its value is definitely in its ingredients rather than its bitter taste.

Weight 10 g
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