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Our Story

Our company "Liba Nova" is a family business focused on processing and delivering mushrooms and herbs.We are active since 2019 and our main target is the spread and promotion of the premium quality agricultural products all over the globe. Furthermore, we are active on developing new innovating ways of processing and we focus on respecting the traditional existing ones. We wish you to have a pleasurable browsing on our new website.



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Freeze Dried




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Our most popular products :

Thumbnai Extra Premium Freeze Dried

Porcini – Extra Premium

High quality carefully collected mushrooms from the mountains of Florina , Greece from well experienced collectors.Additionally, due to the process of freeze drying they far outclass the air dried mushroms as they maintain all the benefits of the fresh ones.

thumbnail saffron freeze dried


Saffron, the gold of the Greek land as it is called, is one of the most popular and valuable spices of ancient civilizations, for its aroma, colour, medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. Furthermore , it is processed with our innovative methods while it is ready to decorate and highlight its taste in any dish you choose.

Also check our biological products :

thumbnail saffron bio freeze dried

Saffron – Bio

In a word , the perfect solution for those who are interested in combining excellent taste, rich nutrients with biological products. By choosing this product you are getting Greek , premium quality saffron , carefully collected from the region of Kozani. Above all , we dry our saffron by the innovative method of freeze drying.

thumbnail olives

Olives – Bio (Grated)

Grated early harvested Greek olives, collected from Serres. Commonly , used as spice for a vast variety of dishes.

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